2019 Activities and Accomplishments

We Appreciate Your Support

Each year when we publish our annual report, we thank our donors in person at the Hoffman. This year we are scaling back all activities due to the COVID-19 threat. Instead, we thank you in writing on behalf of all of us at the Hoffman Center for your support and faith in us. We diligently work to earn 50% of our income while keeping our rates affordable. The other 50% of our revenue comes from you, our financial supporters.

We want you to know that over the past two years we have built a modest financial reserve to see us through a time like this. However, the reserve is limited. To help sustain this vital arts and culture center – please consider becoming a sustaining donor in any dollar amount. Set up a recurring check from your bank, or a recurring monthly charge here. Thank you.

We’ve Been Busy!

Having just completed our 15th year since founding in 2004, the center is being utilized more fully than ever before. Visits to the center surpassed 8,000 this year, a tremendous increase from prior years. Volunteers increased to 137 to make this level of activity possible. Donors, whose support is essential to our operation, have now reached 184.

We look forward to showing you the building repairs and improvements made possible by one very generous donor and many matching donations. These changes enhance the appeal of our building as well as make it work better for all our activities. Next up, the building roof is reaching the end of its useful life and the foundation needs repair. You’ll be hearing more about this.

Our Impact on the Local Economy

In 2019, we funneled $163,000 back into the local economy. This included $84,000 paid to local businesses, including the one-time investments in kitchen and restroom repairs and upgrades. Artists and instructors who taught classes or showed in our gallery earned $48,000, and service contractors such as accountants, cleaners, office assistants, and website management providers earned $31,000. We are delighted we can contribute this significantly to the vitality of our community.

Coming in November 2020

In January 2019, we were honored to be asked to sponsor the publication, book release, and an accompanying exhibition for a significantly revised edition of the book: Oregon Painters, The First Hundred Years (1859-1959). Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson, retired Curator from the Portland Art Museum, is leading this program. Our role is to provide accounting, acknowledge and track donations, and assist with grant applications. In November 2020, we will host the inaugural show of works from early Oregon artists, many who once resided in this area.

Keep on Creating, Connecting, and Exploring!

Something new and exciting is always happening at the Hoffman Center. Please let us know if you have questions about our annual report. We can be reached at [email protected]

The Board of Directors of Hoffman Center for the Arts
Terri Desaro – Secretary, Dave Dillon, Sharon Gibson, Toni Greening, Marc Johnson – Library Liaison
Mark Roberts – Treasurer, Mary Roberts – President, Marcia Silver – Vice President, Vera Wildauer