Covid Update

March 2022 Covid Update

Dear Community,

If you are like me, the lifting of the mask mandate comes with some relief but also remnants of concern. After training ourselves to wear them and after two years, it feels strange to just let the practice go.

However, starting March 11 the state-wide mask mandate is lifted for nearly all indoor facilities including ours. Here is a link to the announcement through Oregon Public Broadcasting. Mask Mandate Ended

At the Hoffman, in accordance with the state of Oregon, we will remove the mask mandate for visitors to the gallery. However, we strongly encourage and respect visitors and volunteers who wish to wear masks. We support and respect the decision to continue wearing a mask for whatever reason.

For classes and activities where people sit next to one another for many hours, we will require proof of vaccination. We will continue to limit attendance in our smaller spaces.

And of course, we continue to closely monitor the situation and make changes as needed.

Mary Roberts
Board Chair

On behalf of the Hoffman Center for the Arts