Artist Portfolio-Cathi Howell

Join us in the Hoffman Gallery for our November show featuring work by Cathi Howell, Peggy Biskar,
and Kathleen Larson.

For inquiries or availability of the pieces shown below, please email the [email protected].

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Cathi Howell Statement and Show Images

Cathi Howell

A place or area where two or more elements meet, overlap, connect, crossover, collide.

This body of work represents a mixed media/collage process of the meeting, the overlapping, the connecting, the crossover, and the recycling of often unrelated images working toward a unified whole.

All of the images combined result in the synthesis of the almost 70 years of art making and creative endeavors. Piecing together images from drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, fabric design, improvisational silkscreen, weaving and calligraphy.

Integrating a fully lived life… all the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the light and darks, the high and lows, the wins and losses.

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