Artist Portfolio-Mary Roberts

Join us in the Hoffman Gallery for our April show featuring Sherrie Wolf and Mary Roberts.

For inquiries or availability of the pieces shown below, please email the [email protected].

Mary Roberts' Artist's Statement and Show Images

This is a collection of functional wheel-thrown vessels in subtle seacoast colors and textures.

In Shape and Surface, my aim is elegant and modern: round, oval, angular, often brought to conclusion by exaggeration: a diminutive or elongated neck, platters impossibly ample, bowls coaxed upward or folded. Each energetically lifting off the base; clean, assertive, and new.

The Pacific Northwest coast inspires each surface – delicately lined shells, sculpted driftwood, fissured bark, overcast skies and granite rock, incandescent spring growth. Subtle and understated.

All are food and dishwasher safe.

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