Artist Portfolio-North Coast Squid 8th Edition

Join us in the Hoffman Gallery for our October show featuring work from the eighth edition of the North Coast Squid, A Journal of Local Writing & Art.

For inquiries or availability of the pieces shown below, please email the [email protected].

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Selected Art from the North Coast Squid

Celebrating the art of the North Coast Squid, the Hoffman Gallery’s October 2021 show features the work of 20 artists published in Issue #8 of the magazine, a publication of local writing and art produced by the Hoffman’s Writing Program.

Two works by each artist are on display in the Gallery: the piece that was selected for publication in the magazine and another of the artist’s choice. Some artists focus on coastal themes, while others explore different subject matter and abstract concepts. The show contains work in a wide range of media, such as watercolor, oil, and acrylic painting; photography and computer-generated images; and 3-D sculptural pieces in ceramic, wood, and woven materials. Just one piece by each artist is featured below.

Also on sale in the Gallery is the North Coast Squid magazine itself: 74 pages of writing and art, representing the work of 63 contributors who have a close connection to our region and community.

Register for the official launch event for the Squid is Saturday, October 2, 4-5:30pm, via Zoom, which features an overview of the Gallery Show and readings by 10 writers whose work appears in the magazine.

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