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Associates of the Hoffman Clay Studio are invited to show and sell the work they’ve created in the Studio. We are proud of the artists who work and volunteer in the Clay Program.  Their efforts sustain the studio as a place to create, learn and collaborate.  We are also happy to offer visitors the chance to purchase original, local art on site. Commissions on the work go directly to support operations and equipment in the Studio. Check out whose work is currently being featured.



Please read through all information, including “Display” and “Pricing & Sales” before continuing to “complete your application.”

The Ceramics Gallery Team (CGT) accepts gallery submissions throughout 2020.  Artists may apply to exhibit in each submission period. All applications must be submitted online through the web site.  Submissions are open year-round, beginning March 15, 2020.  The CGT will review submissions in April for the first display period of May through August 2020.  Submissions will be reviewed in July for the display period of September through December, 2020.

Selection Criteria

Art must be either hand built or wheel thrown in the Clay Studio (no outside work.)  The CGT will select two artists per month in each display period.

Criteria for selection is based on:

  • the quality of the work
  • availability to exhibit in the months elected by the CGT
  • having three shelves of acceptable work for display, which includes backup inventory to replace items sold
  • agreement to respect the guidelines of the Hoffman Gallery of which the ceramic shelves are a part.

Additional requirements:

  • all works must exhibit craftsmanship and be free of cracks, rough edges, nicks, etc.
  • all functional works must be food safe unless otherwise noted on the work itself.  Notes on stickers or other material that may be washed off or lost will not suffice.


Each artist will have two shelves for exhibiting.  Each shelf is 12″ wide by 38″ long with 12″ or 18″ in display height.

Artists deliver their own work or make their own arrangements.  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.

The CGT will assemble the shows in concert and in keeping with the guidelines and processes of the Hoffman Gallery. Ceramics pieces will be acquired, priced and held in inventory on the same schedule as the monthly Hoffman Gallery drop and pick up dates.  A schedule will be published by the Ceramics Gallery Team.  The CGT will manage the intake/pick up process and support the gallery team as required.

The CGT will curate each show.  Some pieces dropped off on “intake” day may not be selected for immediate display but reserved for inventory or to refresh stock.

Sold ceramic shelf items may be taken at the time of sale. Extra pieces from each artist will be stored so that restocking can be done easily.  ALL pieces – whether initially on display or held in reserve – will be inventoried during intake. As pieces are sold, the CGT has final say regarding display and spacing of shelves.

In the event an artist cannot fulfill their commitment, the CGT may choose another artist from the current applicant pool. If a CGT member submits an application, that member will recuse themselves and another temporary committee member will join the team.

Pricing & Sales

Artists will specify the price for each item.  Ceramics Gallery Team members may offer advice to keep the pricing relatively consistent–but the prices are ultimately up to the artist.

All revenues acquired through ceramics sold through the gallery or as a result of the gallery connection will paid to the artist at a rate of 70 percent of the retail price with 30 percent going to the Clay Studio.

On or before drop off dates, artists will complete a Hoffman Gallery inventory sheet, including item numbers and price.  The CGT will manage the process of completing and delivering inventory sheets on the drop off date to the Hoffman Gallery Team.

Signage, inventory, and sales processes will be managed by the Hoffman Gallery in keeping with their standard processes for gallery shows and sales.

The CGT recommends that artists provide business cards for display in the gallery.  Artist bios will be stored in a reference binder at the gallery desk.

For further questions, email [email protected]

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