Art of Dying Series

Near Death Experiences
Presentation by Maureen Belle
Wednesday, March 28  |  3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Admission: $5.00

Maureen Belle will speak about her near-death experience (NDE) and what she learned during her NDE, as a presentation for the Art of Dying series. Maureen’s talk will be followed by a lively discussion on near-death experiences.

Maureen’s life has been rich with experiences. She has owned a flower shop, remodeled houses, and was an architect for many years. She has lived on different islands around the world, is a specialist in green living and Feng Shui, is the author of six books, and also had a life-changing near-death experience!

During this NDE, Maureen was able to witness the deep pain humans feel and how we live with the illusion of disconnection. She was given a choice to return to her body. Choose she did, returning to a body that was almost completely healed from stage 4 lymphoma and no longer in pain.

Maureen’s focus now is helping others heal the pain of disconnection. She coaches and counsels people on finding their own way to heal that pain and helps them dis-cover their purpose in life. She also leads tours to swim with dolphins and whales, and helps people reconnect with the planet earth.

Quotes from people who’ve heard Maureen:

“From the moment I engaged with Maureen, I felt wrapped in a warm and gentle cocoon of energy that held me safely…”

“I hope that you realize how much your gift of knowledge about the light and your very specific answers to my questions have comforted me every day.”

“We have choice in every moment, no matter what the circumstances. That’s a core power.”

Learn more about Maureen Belle on her website.

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