Art of Dying Series

Terminal Illness: A Conversation for Dying & Living
Presentation by Gary “Jay” Harrison
Wednesday, April 25 | 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Admission: $5.00

Multiple cancer and heart attack survivor Gary “Jay” Harrison will lead the Art of Dying session, “Terminal Illness: A Conversation for Dying and Living”.

Jay has fought through three cancers and four heart attacks since 2010. Hear his story, the trauma, the loss, the love, the inspiration and the cure.

Forced to face his fears about death, Jay reached out to others for support and searched for the answers to questions about the meaning of his life.  Jay will talk about how he managed to handle necessary practical matters (who will take care of my cat?) and emotional ones (what profound words can I say to my grandchildren?) after being told he had a terminal illness.

Jay has shared brief glimpses into his life at the Art of Aging/Dying Series and at other events in Tillamook County. He has been labeled “That Guy“  all over Tillamook since the Life & Wellness magazine did an article on him in 2016. He has inspired others to seek a healthier, more engaged life. Here are a few of their comments:

C.G.  “The empowering and healing love you share–are a story we will never forget and will look back on during times to come when we feel we just can’t make it any further. Thank you!!”

 S.O. “Oh my goodness Jay, you are an amazing man….one of hope and determination, optimism, wit, piss and vinegar. Thank you for sharing your life and this journey with us. You are a miracle, backed by a miracle (Ahna). Keep on truckin’ man…”

There will be group discussion after Jay’s story, to share your experiences, the battles you fought or how you helped others with their battle.

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