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The Hoffman Art Center has decided to temporarily close the Hoffman Gallery and Potters’ Nook, effective immediately, due to the elevated COVID-19 risk in our community.  We value our volunteer team and do not want to put anyone at unnecessary risk.  We will be closed until further notice and will do our best to keep our supporters and community informed as to when we will reopen.  Thanks for your understanding and Happy Holidays.

Featuring works by Kyla Sjogren, Lisa Sofia,
Barbara Temple Ayres, and Jan Priddy

Fiber Arts by Kyla Sjogren

My textiles begin with a seed in the ground or a lamb being born. Each produce a strong fiber long enough to spin into a yarn. Simultaneously, a plant will grow to dye the yarn.  I spin and dye the yarn, then wind it onto a tensioned warping board. One by one, I thread the yarn through my loom. Closing my eyes I feel the yarn for even tension and adjust the harnesses to weave a pattern. This is my time to meditate and think.  Each woven piece captures this moment.

Textiles hold memories we bring into our future.  Making these quilted compositions with my handwoven pieces, the story evolves, added to by the viewer’s own interpretation and interaction with the textile.
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Controlled Chaos Paintings by Lisa Sofia

My mind is a puzzle which I can’t truly comprehend. The world around me is in continued movement, not stationary, never satisfied. It distracts me from delving into the depths of what I want, what I have to say. By opening my art to movement, complex lines and shapes, I am attempting to solve this puzzle. The goal of this series is not to make sense. My eyes move through the piece, never stagnant, always exploring. The movement, the flourish, the lines, the color and shapes which develop in completing the finished artwork, only come together when viewed as a whole. See my work here 

Ceramics by Barbara Temple Ayres

Experiencing the total solar eclipse in 2017 got me started and then sent me into what had eclipsed in my life.  I made some funeral urns, thinking of our beloved pets.  Then my beloved friend of forty some years just died (with whom I had had my first show—her paintings, my pots).  So I would like to dedicate this show to Susan Keizer, my mentor, friend, big sister I never had and fellow Valkyrie.

Wearable Weavings by Jan Priddy

Jan Priddy’s work celebrates color and comfort and the skills that have served human beings throughout our time on earth. In this COVID year we are all so held apart, fabric’s tactile appeal comforts her as an artist and as a human starved for contact. Each unique weaving incorporates the work of women dyers and spinners before it reaches her studio. The weavings are meant for daily use, as handwork in a time of mass-production—communal in a culture  focused on the individual, and women’s work in an atmosphere that marginalizes women’s cultural contributions.

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  • January 29, 2021
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Temporarily Closed
Works of Kyla Sjogren, Lisa Sofia, Barbara Temple Ayres, and Jan Priddy.


594 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, Oregon, 97130


Situated on the main street in Manzanita just a few blocks west of Highway 101, the Hoffman Center Art Gallery is located across the street from the North Tillamook Library.