Visual Arts Workshop

Grow Your Art Practice: A Sketchbook Journaling Odyssey for 2021
with Melissa Young
Second Thursday of the month  | 10:00am to 1:00pm
March 11 | April 8
Tuition:  $140 for four sessions
Each live session will be on Zoom; links will be sent out the day before each class


February Practice- Cradling Your Inner Child

 Connect with the wonder of your child spirit & nurture your inner child’s curiosity. 

 Try exploring aspects of your daily life or nature from a child’s perspective. Get down on your knees and look up to see things from a different frame of reference.  Then plan to transfer some of that imagery and intuition onto your next page. 

 Find a grown-up photo and a child photo of yourself (or someone else). Size these to fit together & print them out on printer paper. Plan to be bold and spontaneous with colors you might not usually choose, scribble with pencils or markers, and paint with your fingers.

 Consider words, phrases, lyrics, or quotes that might hold meaning for your child spirit.

 Then show up to class on Thursday, February 11, for a workshop to flex your creative core in your art practice.

To practice art, no matter how well or badly, is a way
to make your soul grow. So do it! –Kurt Vonnegut

Join Melissa Grace Young as your guide on the second Thursday each month beginning January 14. Explore new ideas and techniques, build your lettering skills, and connect with like-minded participants as you follow each other’s progress. Develop your creative process and find your path as you participate in these monthly workshops

Grow Your Art Practice is a year-long journey of sketchbook journaling offered in four-month segments for $140. Workshops include 2-1/2 hours of instruction plus a half-hour to share pages, answer questions, and present homework ideas between months.

Sessions will be recorded and made available to you for a limited time if you miss a live session. All students have access to video demonstrations, examples, material lists, and tips and tricks residing in the entire course’s online segment. The online classroom will be updated monthly with new information and includes a forum on which participants can upload photos of their pages, ask questions, give, and receive feedback.

Melissa Young’s career has been spent in family medicine. But she says:
“I’ve always used creative outlets to help keep me grounded.”

She has dabbled in ceramics, jewelry making, spinning & weaving, quilting, and acrylic and watercolor painting. Over the past few years, she enjoys sketchbook journaling for both every day and traveling. She finds it a useful tool for spring-boarding other larger artworks from ideas developed on her journals’ pages.

So DO IT! Sign up today to commit yourself to practice your art in 2021, and watch your
astounding journal unfold.