Art of Horticulture

How to Kill A Manzanita and other Dark Tales from the Wonder Garden
A Tell-All Talk by plant curator, Ketzel Levine
Wednesday, March 31 | 4:00-5:30pm
Price $20


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A Manzanita Day Special!

What could be more delightful during the dubious month of March than a colorful, inspiring, sweetly-scented talk about garden plants?

OK, sure. But we couldn’t get our guest speaker to give that talk.

Instead, Ketzel Levine, plant curator of the Hoffman Wonder Garden, reveals the truth behind all the beauty thriving in Manzanita’s little botanic garden, from its mahogany-stemmed manzanitas to its multi-seasoned non-stop blooms. Turns out a whole lot more’s going on there than meets the eye.

“Early on in my education as gardener,” says our own doyenne of dirt , “I heard a famous plantsman speak these sobering words: ‘You are not stretching yourself as a gardener if you’re not killing plants’.  Let’s just say I took it to heart.”

Join us for an hour of insight into what thrives and dies in our climate and how to work the odds in your favor so you’ll always have something in bloom, including the plant that spells home: manzanita.

Former NPR correspondent and plant expert, Ketzel Levine, now lives on Neahkahnie Mountain where she is the proprietor of Sea, Sit, Stay! airbnb. Ketzel is the author of Plant This! Best Bets for Year-Round Gardens and is the Hoffman’s Horticultural Arts program lead. She loves dogs and is fond of exclamation marks.