Manzanita Film Series Presents

Film Canopy Stories, Part 2
Friday, August 23 |  7:30pm

Admission $5
Doors open at 7:00pm

Hoffman Center for the Arts will screen the second part of the 2019 documentary anthology “Canopy Stories,” produced by Oregon independent filmmakers

The seven short films, produced at NW Documentary, tell the stories of individual trees located throughout Portland. The stories are about families, neighborhoods, and transformations long forgotten.

The Hoffman Center screened “Part 1” of the anthology in July.

The films’ focus ranges from activists camping in trees to strangers caring for the ghosts of pioneers, from globe-trekking botanists in search of rare specimens to everyday citizens transforming their neighborhood into an urban oasis.

Included in the second anthology are “Rosa’s Tree” by David-Paul B. Hedberg, “The Seven-Thousand Trees of Dharma Rain” by Christopher Baier, “No More Dope Parties” by Cambria Matlow, “The Lost Redwood” by Jesse Andrew Clark, “The Activist Tree” by Zoe Gieringer, “82nd & Verdant” by James Krzmarzick, and “Heroes and Villains” by David-Paul B. Hedberg

One of the filmmakers will attend the screening to discuss the works, as well as NW Documentary, the Portland-based organization whose mission is to practice, teach, and share the art of non-fiction storytelling.



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