Horticultural Arts

Pruning for People Who Love Plants
Instructor: Maryann Lewis, Aesthetic Pruning
Saturday, October 15 | 10-12pm
Admission $15



Pruning for People Who Love Plants

Imagine yourself a perfectly lovely azalea needing a wee bit of a trim. Life is good in the garden; in fact, you’re just about to bloom. Suddenly, you’re attacked by a pair of hands wielding huge garden shears. Yikes! Within minutes, you’re stubby, misshapen and truly cut to the core.

Now imagine yourself an azalea in the hands of a kind and thoughtful gardener who knows how to shape and reveal the real you. A little pruning here, a bit of a sawing there, and you are gorgeous. Oh, to be such a well-pruned plant!

Pruning for People Who Love Plants with Maryann Lewis is the ultimate antidote to bad pruning, an invitation to really see a plant before picking up pruners, then strategize before making any cuts.

Much like a sculptor who imagines a figure breaking free from stone, Ms. Lewis reads a plant’s inherent structure and works to release its form. Her tools are not merely clippers and pruning saws but light, shadow, space and time.

During her Saturday morning presentation, Ms. Lewis will discuss the basics of pruning and offer easy solutions to shaping and trimming the most popular shrubs and small trees we grow in our North Coast gardens, from coral bark maples to all kinds of pines.

Maryann Lewis is a master of Aesthetic Pruning, an approach that combines horticultural science with principals of art and design. Formerly a California architect, she began her own aesthetic pruning business in 2005 and later co-founded the Aesthetic Pruners Association. She now lives in Portland, OR.

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  • October 15, 2022
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Pruning for People Who Love Plants


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