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Aesthetic Pruning Workshop
Instructor: Maryann Lewis, Aesthetic Pruning
Saturday, October 15 | 1-4pm
Admission $50



Aesthetic Pruning Workshop


An elegantly pruned small tree is a heady sight, its muscular arms bearing layers of foliage, its shape in synch with its surroundings. Such a tree betrays scant sign of human interference. Oh to be a plant so well-pruned!

Certainly, many are. And yours can be, too, after participating in this intensive 3-hour, hands-on workshop with aesthetic pruner, Maryann Lewis.

With the Wonder Garden as her classroom, Ms. Lewis will offer a dozen students the opportunity to observe, discuss and strategize approaches to pruning shrubs and small trees. She’ll begin with woody plant biology, demonstrate when and how to use a variety of pruning tools and cuts, and help students envision how the pruning decisions they make today will affect the look of a tree years down the road.

As Ms. Lewis looks on and supervises, students will then break into groups and take on the Wonder Garden’s overgrown conifers. Being a part of these trees’ transformation is a pretty thrilling way to learn what and what not to do! It will immerse students right into the heart – and art – of aesthetic pruning.

Maryann Lewis is a master of Aesthetic Pruning, an approach that combines horticultural science with principals of art and design.  Much like a sculptor who imagines a figure breaking free from stone, Ms. Lewis reads a plant’s inherent structure and works to release its form. Her tools are not merely pruners but light, shadow, space and time.

Formerly a California architect, she began her own aesthetic pruning business in 2005 and later co-founded the Aesthetic Pruners Association. She now lives in Portland, OR.

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  • October 15, 2022
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Aesthetic Pruning Workshop


595 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, Oregon


Situated on the main street in Manzanita just a few blocks west of Highway 101, the Wonder Garden is located next to the North Tillamook Library.