Live Music

The Resolectrics
Saturday, February 8 | 7:00pm
Admission  $10 | Cash at the door | Open to all Ages
Hoffman Center for the Arts | 594 Laneda Avenue | Manzanita


By Special Arrangement ~ The Resolectrics at the Hoffman Center

Here in Manzanita we usually get to hear The Resolectrics at the SanDune Pub. By special arrangement we are fortunate to get to hear them in a sit-down and listen concert setting. For this special performance at Hoffman Center The Resolectrics will play both Electric and Acoustic sets.

Expanding on their love of American R&B, The Resolectrics are a rock & soul power trio exploring the vast landscapes of roots music with layered harmonies, multi-tonal guitar tracks, and ambitious arrangements. Since releasing their “Booker T. meets The Band” debut record, High Water, guitarist Tate Peterson, drummer John Becher, and bassist Bob Dunham have honed a leaner, meaner approach through continuous gigging and constant refinement. The band’s second record, Open Seas adds some timeless, British Invasion-style psychedelia to the mix along with a touch of horns and harmonica that help reconnect the music to its soul-based heritage. It’s a bigger sound that’s radio-ready and set for bigger stages and a larger audience.

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