Art of Horticulture

Social Climbers: The Art of Vertical Gardening
with Linda Beutler
Saturday, June 12 | 10:00-11:15am
Tuition: $25


Social Climbers:
The Art of Vertical Gardening

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Summer vines are the social climbers of the garden. They step over the perennial riffraff as they wend their way to glorious heights, boasting colors of the rainbow and scents that sweeten warm nights.

Yet, for all their demands for attention, these social climbers can be very undemanding summer guests, asking little more than sun, water and a shoulder or two to lean on for seriously enviable success.

And what better shoulders to lean on for advice on climbing plants but the Queen of Clematis, the Empress of Eccremocarpus, the Houdini of Honeysuckle herself: Linda Beutler!

Perhaps you were lucky enough to be in the Hoffman Center audience when Ms. Beutler seduced a standing room only, clematis-loving crowd with portraits of plants everyone was panting to grow. Perhaps you’re now growing a few of them yourself. In her June presentation, Linda will up the ante by adding a variety of summer-blooming vines to the mix, with enough time left in the season for you to get them in the ground for late summer color.

Her presentation is twofold: the nuts and bolts of getting clematis to bloom well and re-bloom promptly; and blending rainbows of color by mixing vines together and with other beach-loving plants (think: lilies). Heaven knows this fifth-generation Oregonian has had years of experience with vines (she won’t say how many), concocting color combos in her own small Portland garden as well as helping her mother grow them in boisterous pots and flower beds in Rockaway Beach.

Of course, Linda Beutler is not simply a good gardener. She’s also the former president of the International Clematis Society, author of Plant Lovers Guide to Clematis (Timber Press, 2016) and curator of the Rogerson Clematis Collection at Luscher Farm outside Portland, a day trip not to be missed.

Join us for the return of one of Northwest horticulture’s most charming and disarming experts as she helps us coastal gardeners reach unimagined heights!