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Tuesday, March 31st

We’re the first to admit that an escalating pandemic isn’t entirely conducive to celebrating a shrub. But our city’s namesake is so much more than roots, bark and leaves.

It’s a resilient, costal-loving creature that’s lovely year-round and treasured for its many gifts to the community. We think it sounds a lot like us!

The full range of our Manzanita Day offerings are going to be postponed, but there’s still time to participate in the stained-glass window raffle. The drawing will be broadcast live! at the beginning of our online class.

Until then, it’s a glorious time to get out in your garden!

We’re delighted to announce breaking news that’s good news!

Manzanita’s mayor has proclaimed March 31st Manzanita Day, in honor of the shrub that spells home. To celebrate, the Hoffman Center will be sharing the proclamation, giving away free Manzanita plants, and raffling off a stained glass window titled The Landscape of Home: Manzanita Day 2020.

The work was created for Manzanita Day by local artist, Jo Newhouse, with a frame by Vince Venezia. Its overall size is 17.5″ x14″. Proceeds from the raffle will to go support plant life (including manzanitas!) at the Hoffman Wonder Garden.

Though the drawing will take place in the Hoffman Wonder Garden, not to worry, you need not be present to win!


Jo Newhouse’s older sister was a very good artist. ‘She could draw,’ says Jo, ‘so that meant I couldn’t’.  Not the easiest way to jump start a life of creativity, but Jo’s talent was irrepressible.

After buying a 1910 Victorian with a lot of cracked windows, Jo largely taught herself how to fix them (‘I took an Adult Ed class in stained glass’). Decades of original work followed,  highly coveted pieces now in the homes of her many friends and fans.

For The Landscape of Home: Manzanita Day 2020, Jo started with the sinewy, cinnamon bark of manzanita and layered in mountain, sea and sky. Much like the landscape, it’s colors change with the light. Irrepressible.