The Gallery Presents:

Hoffman Gallery August Show
July 31–September 1 | Wednesdays through Sundays | 12 – 5pm
Featuring paintings by Samyak Yamauchi and Ben Rosenberg

Ceramics by Kristy Lombard and Donna Miller
Artists’ opening reception August 3 | 3:00-5:00pm  |  Artist’s talk 4:00pm | Refreshments will be served
Hoffman Gallery is free and open to the public


Samyak Yamauchi- paintings

“Every painting starts the same way, with no preconceived idea of what it will look like. I start by painting strokes and layers of color, making all kinds of marks and flipping the paper, canvas or board until I have an abstract of color, mark making and texture. I continue layer after layer, until I get an intuitive nudge that it’s time to start looking for an image or a gestural suggestion, and the painting grows from there.”

Samyak Yamauchi is represented by Riversea Gallery in Astoria


Ben Rosenberg- paintings

“Bunny didn’t have a name when he came to live with us. At the time we also had a rescue dog–a little bitey dachshund named Muso (“muzzle” in Italian) who was bitey because he was fearful (“dershrokn” in Yiddish). We weren’t sure how the two would get along so at first Bunny stayed in the studio but over the next few weeks the nameless homeless cat became our Bunny, after Bunny and the Wailers. If we adopted Bunny, he adopted us and most especially he adopted Muso.”

Ben most recently exhibited at Augen Gallery/Portland and McVarish Gallery/Astoria

Kristy Lombard- ceramics

“My environment is the source of inspiration for my work. Something as simple as a bird on a telephone wire or a tree in a park can spark my creativity.  Patterns and textures from fabric or plant life inspire me to create tactile surfaces that fingers want to touch. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, spending most of my life in Oregon. I have been teaching and selling my work professionally for the past 14 years.  I currently work out of my studio/gallery in downtown Tillamook.”

Donna Miller- ceramics

“I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands.  Breaking dirt clods into fine soil for seed planting, stripping bark from downed branches to weave baskets, digging in ancient river beds in search of elusive opals, cutting glass for colorful mosaics…all rewarding ventures, but none quite ‘the one’. And then, in 2015, I discovered the Hoffman Clay Studio, took a class and found my creative passion, hand building with clay.”


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    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Featuring paintings by Samyak Yamauchi and Ben Rosenberg

Ceramics by Kristy Lombard and Donna Miller


594 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, Oregon, 97130


Situated on the main street in Manzanita just a few blocks west of Highway 101, the Hoffman Center Art Gallery is located across the street from the North Tillamook Library.