Visual Arts Workshop

Twining Texture : A Natural Fiber Basket
with Kathleen Kanas
July 1-2, 2021 | 10:00am-2:00pm
Tuition $125 | Materials fee $25

Twining Texture : A Natural Fiber Basket

Participants will use the technique of twining to weave a basket using a variety of highly textural natural materials‭. ‬Start to‭ ‬finish‭, ‬guided by visual samples and instructor tips‭, ‬twining fibers with design in mind will be emphasized‭. ‬Completed baskets will measure approximately 7‭” ‬high‭, ‬with a 7‭” ‬base and circumference of 28‭”- ‬30‭”. ‬Weaving with natural materials that have irregularities can be challenging but results are exciting‭. ‬The first day will cover the basics of twining‭, ‬understanding the first steps to construction‭, ‬and completing the base and starting the upturned sides‭. ‬Day two is a continuation of the sides developing‭ ‬the patterns and finishing off with a fringed rim‭. ‬Embellishing the basket with special touches such as pods‭, ‬beads‭, ‬or other special objects can be applied as a final step‭.‬

About the Artist
It began when a grade school art activity turned out to be a life-long creative experience‭ . ‬I have been weaving baskets for over fifty-five years and still find great satisfaction in the process and outcome‭. ‬There was an earlier time when few references related to basket weaving existed‭, ‬and I relied on trial and error as I explored which types of plant materials could be woven‭, ‬coiled‭, ‬or twined‭. ‬In later years‭, ‬when I needed further instruction I found myself in workshops led by notables such as Frances‭ ‬James‭, ‬Anna Jefferson‭, ‬Bruce Miller and Margaret Matthewson‭. ‬From rattan to roots to bark to kelp‭, ‬nature has provided an amazing number of fibers that I incorporate in my work to create utilitarian containers with specific uses to some that are purely sculptural forms‭.‬

I have held various basketry workshops for adults and for twenty-five years taught classrooms of children how to weave a basket‭.‬‭ ‬My work is in private collections‭, ‬has received recognition in shows‭, ‬and was a featured artist on a PBS Oregon Art Beat episode in 2009‭. ‬For the past year‭, ‬I have been designing hand-built ceramic forms in combination with woven elements‭. ‬It has proven to be a new and exciting process combining two ancient cultural technologies‭.‬

My work is found exclusively at the 4th Street Studio and Gallery in Manzanita‭, ‬Oregon which I own and operate‭. ‬Both my baskets‭ ‬and ceramic work can be seen there along with other talented local artists‭’ ‬work‭.‬

View Kathleen’s work here