Visual Arts Workshop

Virtual Watercolor Studio: A Monthly Exploration, Series 4
September 7, October 5, November 2, December 7
Time: 1:00 – 4:00 pm (PST)
Tuition: $180
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Virtual Watercolor Studio: A Monthly Exploration
Series 4: Mixed Media with Watercolor

We are pleased to announce the fourth series of the Virtual Watercolor Studio. We meet once a month over Zoom, where we explore a new topic, and spend time painting together, growing in our skills and love of watercolor.

In the fourth series, we will explore mixed media with watercolor.  Each month we will look at a particular medium to use with watercolor.   We will begin in September by exploring the use of watercolor and colored pencils together.  In October we’ll look at working with watercolor and ink.  Watercolor and pastel will be our topic in November, and finally, we will try our hand at watercolor and collage at the December session.

Our Virtual Watercolor Studio will be on the first Wednesday afternoon of each month.  We will spend some time learning about the month’s theme, perhaps have an exercise to try, and then spend the rest of the time painting.  Individual attention and help will be given to each student, as well as demos for you to observe.  There will also be an online forum, which will allow for the posting of your work either in progress or finished, throughout the month, with input from the instructor.

Returning and new participants will have access to the online materials and recordings from Series 3, March-June.

We look forward to building a watercolor community and improving our skills as the months go along.

Materials List:
Sketchbook: Bring your favorite sketchbook to use for thumbnail sketches and planning ideas.
Paper: 140# Cold Press paper – This can be any 100% rag or cotton paper, such as Arches, Fabriano, or Fluid 100 (100% Cotton Paper). You can buy it in full sheets (22” x 30”) or blocks or pads. For each class, you will need paper for at least one exercise and one painting. The size is up to you, but Carolyn recommends either an eighth of a sheet or a quarter sheet for each session.

Brushes: Bring any watercolor brushes you already have. Synthetic brushes are the least expensive, and you should get the best you can afford. One recommendation is Winsor Newton Sceptre Gold II for a Sable/Synthetic blend. Pure sable brushes are the best but are the most expensive. The minimum types of brushes recommended are: No 12 round, No 8 round, No 4 round, 1” flat, and ½” flat.
1-2 Yellows    (Aureolin or Hansa Yellow,  & Cadmium Yellow or New Gamboge)
1-2 Reds         (Cadmium Red or Pyrrol Red, & Alizarin Crimson or Carmine)
1-2 Blues        (French Ultramarine or Cobalt Blue, & Prussian Blue or Phthalo Blue)
1 Green           (Sap Green, Winsor Green (Yellow Shade), or Pthalo Green)
1 Violet           (Winsor Violet or Dioxazine Violet, or Carbazole Violet)
1 Brown          (Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, or Sepia)
1 Black            (Ivory Black, Payne’s Gray, or Neutral Tint)

Materials are easy to find at:
Dots ‘N Doodles in Astoria
Or online:
Jerry’s Artarama
Cheap Joes
Dick Blick

Carolyn Gates has been working in watercolor for the past 17 years, and although she works in colored pencil and pastel, watercolor is her main medium. She enjoys working with the unexpected results of mixing pigment with water on textured watercolor paper.

The qualities that characterize her work are strong color and compositions that explore the relationships of shapes. This can make pleasing visual patterns that result in an abstraction of the subject. Her work investigates beauty, shape, and color, and she hopes to discover the interplay between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

She currently teaches watercolor workshops for the Hoffman Center for the Arts and has taught Watercolor Fundamentals at Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene since 2016. She enjoys teaching and is inspired by the work her students do. Her focus is teaching basic concepts while encouraging each student to find their own voice.

Gates has studied studio art at Mira Costa College in Oceanside, California, and watercolor painting at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. She has studied watercolor with Carol Carter, Satoko Motouji Kris Nugent, and Judy Morris. She is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and resides in Eugene.

For more information and to view her work, visit her website here

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  • December 7, 2022
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Virtual Watercolor Studio
A Monthly Exploration led by Carolyn Gates


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