And The Winner Is…

Meet Gladious murielae, the peacock orchid, star of the late summer border! The first bulb opened at the back of the WG early August and the long blooming season promises to keep us in flower & fragrance well into September.

The pristine, burgundy-kissed blossoms are like white wing-spread origami poised midflight, blooming in succession on arching stems like long-playing daylilies. Oh, but the difference in music between daylilies and peacock orchids! Think brass band vs a capella choir.

Though native to Ethiopia, G. murielae is particularly well-suited to our coast. It asks only full sun and fast drainage. (A Costco membership helps, too. We got ‘em for a song).

But whether African, Australian, Chilean or North American, we at the WG have amassed quite a collection of outstanding coastal plants. It’s time you met them.


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