Hoffman Gallery is thrilled to present new paintings by renowned artist Laura Ross Paul.

Laura Ross-Paul is a Portland based artist and teacher with a second home in Manzanita where she paints in the summer. She has been painting professionally for over four decades and has been represented by nine different galleries on the West Coast from Seattle to Laguna Beach. She has exhibited her work throughout the Pacific Northwest and California and New York in such venues as the Portland Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, the Tacoma Art Museum, the Arnot Museum (NY), the Palm Springs Art Museum, the Art Gym and Portland Institute of Contemporary Art. 

Her figurative paintings with mystical and psychologically compelling environments are in private and public collections throughout the United States. During her career, Laura has received an Oregon Arts Commission Individual Arts Fellowship,  the Bonnie Bronson Fellowship and the Susan Cooly-Gillion Artist residency.  Her work been awarded juror prizes in biennials at the Portland and Tacoma Art Museums as well as the latest West Coast To see the full painting in all its glorious color and texture, we encourage you to come to the Gallery. 

Laura has taught art at Portland State, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Lewis and Clark College, and the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, and Hoffman Center for the arts among others.

These images do not represent actual size. To see each of these paintings in glorious color and texture, visit the gallery during between 1-5pm, Thursday through Sunday, June 30 through July 31. Or email [email protected] to make special visit arrangements.

Monkeys of Short Sands
Ink+ w/c/wax + resin/ oil on canvas, 72 X 120 ins, (diptych), $14,000

Wagging Lion
Ink+ w/c/wax +resin/ oil on canvas, 60 X 48 ins., $8,600

Beach Star, 2021
ink/wax + resin/ oil on canvas, 60 X 48 ins., $8,600

Ocean Jellies
Ink+ w/c/wax + resin/ oil on canvas, 60 X 48 ins, $8,600

Wet Sand Solace, 2021
inks + w/c/wax + resin/oil on canvas, 28 X 22 ins., $3,400

Colorful Boat Ride
2022, inks + w/c/wax + resin/oil on canvas, 28 x 22 ins. $3,400

Three Cheetahs
2022, inks + w/c/wax + resin/oil on Board, 24 X 20 ins., $2,200

Treasure Seeker
2022, inks + w/c,/wax + resin/ oil on canvas, 24 x 20 ins. $2,200