March Letter from the ED





Join us for a Spring Class

Dear Friends of Hoffman,

Despite the recent snow, the spring equinox is just around the corner! Like the diminutive buds shooting up in the Wonder Garden, this time of year often feels hopeful and a little bit vulnerable.

Over the last few weeks I have channeled these sentiments by attending art workshops outside of my comfort zone. I’m fortunate to have taken a wheel throwing class with Tara Spires-Bell in the clay studio, to continue a 10-week  drawing class with Ben Rosenberg and recently I completed a wooden spoon carving class in Portland. I’ve loved having this time to connect with so many of you outside of my office, and in the studio.

It has also been challenging to learn so many new skills! I’m continually humbled and rewarded by the process.  These practices encourage me to step away from perfectionism and  to find value in the flaws.  A thumbprint in my glaze or a wonky ding in my spoon may be unintentional, but they are signs of a human touch. They remind me how much work went into making them.

I was first drawn to Hoffman because of the wide range of offerings. It is rare for  an organization to offer so many different ways to engage with art – not just across mediums but also levels of experience and stylistic approaches. Through our five core programs, we strive to provide space for both new and accomplished artists to humor their curiosity and explore.

This spring, I hope you will consider taking a class you’ve never tried before. Even if it’s something that you don’t end up sticking with, the practice of learning something new and the community you’ll meet are intrinsically valuable.

With gratitude,

India Downes-Le Guin
Executive Director
[email protected]