Poetry Walk Fundraiser News


Your response to our appeal has been amazing and exciting. Thank you! As of August 14, $83,622 in pledges and donations have been received. This means we met our goal of doubling the original $40,000 in pledges. You rock!

These donations and $15,000 from the Hoffman reserves have now paid the $98,500 debt on the Hoffman Center Building. It is done. YAHOO!

We now head into our next era debt-free, welcome our first Executive Director in September, and prepare to offer new exciting opportunities in our five program areas..

We thank you for your investment in us. You put wind in our sails and an art center in our community.

Dixie’s Vino
Karen Babbitt & Dave Holt
Adria Badagnani
Mark & Roxann Balmer
Andrew Barker & Frederick Kassab
Isabella Beaton
Amy Bell & Mike Woodin
Brad Berman & Janice Slonecker Berman
Robert & Sharon Borgford
Stephen Brier & Barbara Scott-Brier
Janet Brockway
Ellen Bucek
Darrell Clukey & Susan Glarum
Elizabeth Cole
Linda & Mike Cook
Mary Corey
Susan Danielson
Jessie Davidson, Columbia Bank
Home + Sea Team/ Cascade Hasson Sotheby’s International Realty
Terri Desaro & Craig Nern
Dereen & Dave DeSchryver
Leslie France & Jay Bates
Marilyn Frisch & Mike Theobald
Dr Steven & Sharon Gibson
Jane Gillis
Matthew Gray & William Walsh
Chip & Toni Greening
Jacki Hinton & David Boone
Cathi Howell
Kirsten Huckfeldt
Living Room Realty
Sarah Johnson
Karen Keltz
Heda Koh & Steve Kim
Linda Kozlowski & Bill Supak
Candace Kramer & Drew Prell
Bonnie Laing Malcolmson & Jack Woida
Jan Layne
Dave Leach
Chung and Judy Lee, Little Apple
Nancy & Ken Leslie
Lloyd & Judy Lindley
Andrea Mace
Chip MacGregor
Norman and Patricia Maves
Windermere Realty Trust
Craig & Kerry LeCroy
Ann Morgan
Madeline & Allan Olson
Lorraine Ortiz & Terry Fullan
Shelley Parker
Alex & Laura Ross Paul
Michael & Alice Powell
Christine Quigley
Emily Ransdell and Steve Jones
Tosha Reinmiller
Barry Marshall & Barbara Rippey
Mark & Mary Roberts
Mary Ruhl
Martha Schechtel
Marcia Silver
Mary Ann Sommerset
David & Nancy Stanchfield
Jerry Stanger
Michael Stapleton
Stepp Family Trust
Kathryn Stock & Deb Tinnin
Judith Sugg
Mary Kay & Marc Tetreault
Susan Tone & Phil Blanton
Aina & Hans Tonjes
Annie Walsh
Karen West
Shirley & Stephen West
Jolene Williams
Dr Reed & Christine Wilson
Scott Wilson & Bart Reynolds
Corinne & Vic Wisniewski
Constance & Walter Wood
Melissa Young, M.D.
Karen Reddick Yurka and Jeff Yurka
Marcia Zegar

For anyone who still wants to be part of this exciting era (you knew we’d still ask, right?), there is time. A not-for-profit is always partially funded by donations. The support of donors is essential for our on-going operations. You may always send a check to PO box 678, Manzanita, Oregon 97130 or donate on-line