Thank You Partners!

Thank you local Business Sponsors and Partners!

Please join us in showing your appreciation for their financial support by being a regular customer to our
local businesses and thanking these individuals when you see them.  It truly “takes a village.”

Business Sponsors

Living Room Realty – Brokers Hans Tonjes, Dave Leach, and Tosha Reinmiller
Finnesterre – Terri Desaro, Fred Kassab and Manager Ann Maizel
Polaris Gallery – Scott Wilson

Ocean Inn – Larry and Janice Zagata
Meadow and Corey Davis Brokers – Cascade Sotheby’s Realty
Columbia Bank – Manager Jessie Davidson
Sunset Vacation Rentals – Manager Amy Van Dyke
Little Apple Grocery – Chung and Judy Lee

In-kind sponsors

Cloud and Leaf – Deborah Reed
John Longfellow Construction


The Oregon Cultural Trust
Tillamook PUD
The Miller Foundation
Oregon Arts Commission
Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Care Foundation

Find Fun & Connection


Volunteers at the Hoffman!

Huzzah to those who give their time and talents!  The Hoffman thrives seventeen years on because volunteers are the heart and soul of our art center. In 2021 nearly 100 people pitched in to help the Hoffman evolve and persevere during another tough, exhausting year. We continue to offer weekly events through the gallery, visual arts, writing, clay services, and horticulture despite another year of obstacles.

The list of volunteer contributions, big and small, is a mile long. Volunteers keep our art center not just viable but advancing. In a real measure of success, volunteers made art available and a creative focus for our community this year.

We have openings! Come volunteer with us. Here are a few ideas, but volunteers often define their roles. The really fun part of volunteering is each of us decides what work will make us happy.

  • Host a few hours every month in the gallery to meet art lovers and learn more about art.
  • Help organize writing and author-related events if you love books and writing.
  • Participate with the visual arts team to identify and present instructors.
  • Dig, plant and weed in the Hoffman Wonder Garden if you love plants and being outside.
  • Volunteer your spreadsheet skills if you love numbers and crossing the t’s.
  • Help in the clay studio if you have ceramics experience to share.

Contact us at Volunteer Inquiry.

Oregon Cultural Trust

Dear Community!

If you have visited a museum in Oregon, attended an arts performance, tuned into public radio, or appreciated the preservation of our state’s history, it’s likely that you’ve benefited from the Oregon Cultural Trust.

The Cultural Trust was created by the state legislature in 2002 to fund culture in the state into perpetuity. Currently, more than 1,400 nonprofits, including Hoffman Center for the Arts are eligible to receive funds from the Cultural Trust.

Those funds are provided by Oregonians like you who receive a cultural tax credit for their donation to the Cultural Trust. Spreading the word about how easy it is to take advantage of the tax credit is how we grow funding for statewide culture. Here’s how it works:

1.     Total your donations to qualifying cultural nonprofits to which you donated all year. A full list of qualifying nonprofits can be
found here

2.     Give the same amount to the Cultural Trust by Dec. 31 by mail or online

3.     Claim the amount donated to the Cultural Trust as a tax credit when you file your taxes.*

Your Cultural Trust contribution comes back to you in the form of a decreased tax bill or potentially an increased refund. You just doubled the impact of your contribution at no additional cost to you! Here is how it works: Cultural Trust How-to.

As you continue to support Hoffman Center for the Arts with your generous contributions, we hope you’ll also match your donation with a gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust to strengthen funding for all of the cultural organizations that protect our great state’s famous quality
of life.

Remember to make your donation by December 31. Learn more or donate at or (503) 986-0088 or consult your
tax preparer.

*Up to $500 for an individual, $1,000 for couples filing jointly or $2,500 for Class-C corporations.

November 30th is Giving Tuesday

November 3oth is Giving Tuesday!

                                          Artist-Chayo Wilson

This day reminds us to support organizations that work to make this community remarkable and engaging. Your financial gift of any size to the Hoffman Center helps keep our vibrant and community-centric arts and culture programming thriving. Learn more about our annual campaign here and please consider making a donation.

Your dollars go far locally. We also ask on behalf of our community of not-for-profit organizations that, along with us, exist because of your generous financial support..

Aprons! We have Hoffman Artist aprons in stock. These make a great gift for an artist, cook, or gardener. Our apron has three spacious pockets and comes in a dark sage color with black print.  Available for $20 at the Hoffman Gallery every week Friday through Sunday, 1-4pm. It is practical, stylish, sturdy, and easy to mail.  The apron was printed in Wheeler at Pelican and Piper. A portion of every sale supports the Hoffman Center.

Help us Navigate the Boulders

Help us Navigate the Boulders

Dear Friends,

As another challenging year comes to an end, we are reaching out with a heart-felt thank you and humble ask for your continued support. We really are nothing without creative artists, eager participants, generous donors, energetic volunteers, and expert instructors. Only together do we realize our mission to be “a welcoming place for North Oregon Coast residents and visitors to create, explore, and enjoy arts and culture.” Huzzah!

Throughout 2021, the Hoffman Center maintained a robust on-line class schedule and presence in Clay, Horticulture, Visual Arts, Writing, and the Gallery despite the very real separation and other obstacles Covid caused.  Even with that challenge, we provided an abundance of virtual events to keep people creating and connected. And as a very special community event, our summer Tiny Gallery exhibit held in the Wonder Garden attracted more than three times the typical number of visitors to wander among the plant collections and delight in the tiny art galleries. We have enclosed articles from two regional publications, Artwatch and Ruralite, that feature the Hoffman Center for the Arts to give you a sense of what we’ve been up to and how we have adapted to the pandemic. This has been a big effort with significant success, demonstrating that your investment in us pays dividends.

Looking ahead, the Hoffman leadership is focused on providing a sustainable organization with a sound financial future and also planning for our first full-time staff member. This person will allow increased Hoffman Center operating hours; give day-to-day volunteer, visitor, and participant support; reduce volunteer burn-out; and help enhance programs.

Our success is created by volunteers, instructors, artists, participants, and donors. A gift of any size supports the Hoffman Center values of community and arts engagement, inclusivity, and an accessible environment where creativity, innovation and diversity thrive.  If you have not donated before, please consider the Hoffman Center.  If you can give again, we express our deep gratitude.

Click here to read about the Hoffman Center in Ruralite

Click here to read about the Hoffman Center in Oregon ArtsWatch

On behalf of the Hoffman Board of Directors
Mary Roberts, Board President

Help us find our next Gallerist!

Do you love Art?

If you, or someone you know really loves art and would enjoy learning more about art, artists, and art lovers within our community, please let us know! We’d love to explore our need for a new lead in the Gallery.  The weekly workload varies year round and averages 10-15 hours. A portion of the work can be done from home or remotely. But this role pretty much requires someone who is available and is well suited to someone who is here full time.

This person oversees the Hoffman gallery that engages the community, celebrates art and artists, and contributes artistically and  financially to the Art Center. It is a fun and fulfilling role!

Background and Skills:
• arts-related background such as an arts educator, collector, artist, or from an art or design-related business
• organized, able to plan well ahead and anticipate requirements
• patient with people, volunteers, customers, and artists
• proficient with standard office software including Word and spreadsheets and able to learn sales software. Comfortable with technology- don’t need to love it

Please let us know about you by sending your resume and interest to Bonnie Laing Malcolmson at [email protected] The Hoffman Center board nominating committee will make the final selection.

We look forward to hearing from you!

October at the Hoffman

October at HCA

Artist-S.M. Selby Blue

We invite you to enjoy free or nearly-free October
offerings at the Hoffman Center for the Arts

Take a walk, no charge, in the Wonder Garden and enjoy the beauty of autumn. Fall rain has coaxed some plants back into blooming. Then wander across the street to our Gallery to view the community-based art show featuring artists recently published in our
North Coast Squid Journal which is available for purchase there.

For $10, drop-in via Zoom to hear two short story authors read from and talk about their new short story books at the
October 16 Writers Event.

Find details of these offerings and more immersive experiences through the tiles in this newsletter or by visiting and clicking on the calendar.

On behalf of all of us at the Hoffman Center- we invite you to explore, create, and connect through arts and culture!

Annual Community Show Info


Annual Community Show Info
January through February 2022
Hoffman Center For the Arts | 594 Laneda Avenue | Manzanita 



2022 Annual Community Show
(formerly the Color Show)

January through February 2022 (two months display)

Time to start creating – Art Due January 2, 2022

But first read the fine print!

The Fine Print

  1. Size limitations: 2D/Wall Art not to exceed 18” X 18” and 3D/Sculpture not to exceed 15” X 15” X 15”

  2. Artists must be from Tillamook or Clatsop County

  3. Artwork should be new and not previously exhibited at the Hoffman Gallery

  4. Art must have good quality hanging or displaying hardware- ready for hanging

  5. One piece per artist

  6. Art should reflect your interpretation of the theme “Treasure”