Community Writes

COMMUNITY WRITES is seeking submissions to engage writers with strong ties to the north Oregon Coast.  Whether you live here all year or visit regularly, we invite our community members to write short pieces inspired by the topics below. Entries may be poetry, fiction, non-fiction or memoir and will be published on this page. There is a $5 fee per submission.

See below for the monthly prompts for 2022. There will also be an opportunity for writers to read their pieces at periodic Open Mic events.

Topics by Month

April–The Cruelest Month
May–Lust (for the Lusty Month of May)
June–Bursting Out
July–I love a parade.

General Guidelines



  • Submissions are currently being accepted.
  • Contributions should be no more than 800 words, focused on prompts that will change each month.
  • One submission per writer per month.
  • Electronic submissions only.
  • Contributions will be published as received, on a rolling basis.
  • Each submission should also include a non-copyrighted image to go with the writing (an additional upload in the submission form), if possible.
  • Entries will be lightly edited, with corrections for typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors.
  • Biographical statement must indicate your connection to the North Oregon Coast (the coastal communities and lands between Astoria and Lincoln City, Oregon).
  • Document style: 12 pt, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
  • Document file format: .doc, .docx, or .txt. File name should be the title of the submitted piece.
  • If you do not follow the guidelines, thus disqualifying your submission, you may receive a message inviting you to resubmit. If you choose to submit again, it will be subject to the $5 fee.
  • While we discourage anonymous submissions, we recognize there are instances in which writers may feel compromised by identifying themselves. We will consider requests to publish such pieces on an individual basis.
  • The Hoffman Center reserves the right not to publish material that goes against its mission as a community arts organization.

Current Postings

How to Survive a Storm--Barry Paul

How to Survive a Storm–Barry Paul

Poetry: Stand strong in the rain for fear falls on us all. It drips and pools, tickling uncomfortably down the ...
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Backfire--Mark Scott Smith

Backfire–Mark Scott Smith

Poetry: Backfire on the mountain Brake lights glowing red Tires whirring in the rain cast silver beads of water across ...
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Weather--Marcia Silver

Weather–Marcia Silver

Poetry: A powerful storm . . . will sweep through the Northwest  today with locally heavy rain, possibly excessive. NOAA ...
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Rain, Rain, Go Away--Ellis Conklin

Rain, Rain, Go Away–Ellis Conklin

Fiction: As it happened, I was passing through Rainy Springs, Oregon, that rain-swept evening when I met a peculiar woman ...
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The Colors of Childhood--Megan Lucas

The Colors of Childhood–Megan Lucas

Memoir: I attended Irvington grade school in Portland in the 80’s, and we lived nearby on the cobbly Tillamook Street ...
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Why There is no Brown in the Rainbow--Lynn B. Connor

Why There is no Brown in the Rainbow–Lynn B. Connor

Fiction: The Sun chased the Clouds from the sky. “The earth below needs my rays to warm the days and ...
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Synesthesia--Iris Sullivan Daire

Synesthesia–Iris Sullivan Daire

Memoir: Color has had a hold on her for as long as can be remembered. From a young age it ...
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Season's Greetings--Tom Lackaff

Season’s Greetings–Tom Lackaff

Oh spring, I pray you will endure Another ode to your allure; Still shadows harbor ice and snow, But loyalists ...
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