A Message from Community Writes

Hello North Coast writers … it’s me, your neighbor and friendly Wrangler of Community Writes, Laura Bailey.  We’re feeling a little lonely over here in the CW corner, and I’m thinking it might be that all our talented writers are channeling their creativity into serious pursuits including (Hurrah! Hooray!) submissions to literary journals and magazines.

That is FABULOUS … yes, indeed it is … and yet Community Writes still needs you 🙂

Think of us as your friendly local gathering place, where you take our quarterly capacious and open-ended theme (it’s BLUE right now, by the way) and explore an idea, fiddle with a rhyme … and share it with us.

And if you then expand on it, transform it, if you grow it into something you then send out in the wider world, well that’s WONDERFUL and we’ll applaud like mad.

Go ahead … < nudge > … take a moment and let your mind drift into that magical vexing place where your creative self hangs out:

Blue sky thinking … black-&-blue … got the blues … how blue can you be?

Submit here.