About the Hoffman Center for the Arts

The Hoffman Center for the Arts in Manzanita is a place for artists, writers, horticultural enthusiasts and creators of all kinds. It’s for those curious about art and culture, who are looking for immersive experiences. It’s for those who are dedicated to learning and connecting to their creative spirit and to their community. And it’s for those who enjoy soaking up the artistic expression of their north Oregon coast neighbors.

Named for our benefactors, Lloyd & Myrtle Hoffman, the Hoffman Center prides itself on its unique and innovative programming.

Photograph-Trav Williams | Broken Banjo Photography

Our Vision

We envision a vibrant, engaged community in which the arts are integrated into the lives of residents and visitors alike.

Our Mission

Hoffman Center for the Arts provides opportunities for artistic and cultural access, education, exploration, and collaboration.

Our Values

Engagement: Participation in the arts, through fun and stimulating experiences, enriches lives and helps define our humanity and culture.

Inclusion: A respectful, safe and supportive environment welcomes all.

Community: Engagement and collaboration with all parts of our community fulfills our mission and contributes to the heritage of the arts in our region.

Opportunity: An accessible environment, where creativity, innovation and diversity thrive, contributes to both the individual and the arts.

Stewardship: Responsible stewardship and prudent financial management ensures our continued viability, growth and long-term sustainability.

Our History

Lloyd and Myrtle Hoffman were long-time and beloved residents of Manzanita. Upon their deaths in 2004, this vibrant, welcoming, and creative couple—she a musician, he a painter—left their modest estate to our community to seed a local center for arts and culture.

Their home, property, and some savings were donated, as well as their dream: the possibility that volunteers, donors and patrons, along with support from the city and county, would create a unique cultural center in the heart of Manzanita. This center would build on the community’s historic legacy of creativity as well as support the library—welcoming residents and visitors alike.

Visionary members of the community stepped forward to take up this dream. The Hoffman home was unsuitable for public use and removed. The founding board used the estate to make a down payment on the building across the street where we still operate —giving life to the Hoffman dream.

On any day of the week—writers, potters, painters, plant lovers, and consumers of the arts, young and old, some completely new, some deeply experienced and some reconnecting with their creative spirit—visit the Hoffman Center  and the Hoffman Wonder Garden to explore, create, and connect with others.