Connect Your Community to the Arts—Volunteer!

Your time and skills are vital to our success. So, join the over 90 volunteers who lend a hand to help make the Hoffman Center for the Arts thrive. You’ll discover volunteering with us is a fun way to meet new people who care about arts and culture.

Whether you’re looking for a high-impact leadership role, prefer to work with a team, or only have a little time to share, we’re excited to hear from you. Explore our volunteer opportunities below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Learn more about our Program Leads and the impact they make to our innovative programming.

Key Roles That Make The Biggest Difference

Join One Of Our Standing Committees

Communications Committee Lead (OPEN)

  • Work with various PR and marketing volunteers to ensure consistent branding.
  • Guide the development of materials for special organization-wide projects (brochures, invitation packages, flyers, etc)

Fundraising Event Lead (OPEN)

  • Identify and develop ideas for original fundraising events
  • Develop a team to help launch events

Rental Lead (OPEN)

  • Ensure rental rates are competitive
  • Promote the HCA as a place to rent for meetings, presentations, etc.
  • Liaison with renters and manage rental agreements and payment
  • Open and close the HCA as needed

Social Media Champion (OPEN)

  • Post Hoffman Center activities and workshops on the Facebook page
  • Look for ways to increase social media engagement with current platforms
  • Identify other social media platforms ideal for promoting arts and cultural organizations

Technical Support Crew – Events (OPEN)

  • Assist with set-up and tear-down for Center events
  • Operate associated audio, video and/or lighting systems during events (will train)
  • Troubleshoot equipment and associated technical issues

Smaller, Yet Vital Tasks

  • Post flyers in various locations in Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler
  • Collect admissions at events
  • Gallery sit for art shows
  • Fold letters and stuff envelopes (2-3 times a year)
  • Serve as a greeter for fundraising events

Communications Committee

  • Write and distribute press releases to relevant media for Center programs
  • Design flyers for events and workshops per HCA standards
  • Support special projects including mailings, annual reports, event invitations, etc.

Facilities Committee

  • Ensure the Hoffman Center building and 594 Laneda property is in good order
  • Identify and manage projects for repairs and improvements

Grant Committee

  • Identify funding sources that are a good fit for the HCA
  • Work with the Board and others to identify relevant projects in need of funding
  • Work with project champions to develop narrative and budgets for applications

Hoffman Gardens Committee

  • Participate in periodic weeding parties to maintain the Gardens
  • Sign-up for Gardens watering schedule during summer months


Art of Aging & Dying Committees

  • Help develop topics for conversations and presentations
  • Recruit presenters

Clay Studio Hosting Committee

  • Staff the Clay Studio during Open Studio hours
  • Orient newcomers to the studio equipment and materials
  • Answer questions and offer tips

Film Committee

  • Seek out films to screen
  • Set up venue and support AV equipment

Gallery Hosting Committee

  • Staff the Hoffman Gallery during open hours
  • Handle sales via Square system
  • Occasionally staff other events to support Gallery sales

Music Program Support

  • Help set up for visiting performers
  • Set up the Gardens for the Free Summer Sunday concerts

Visual Arts Committee

  • Review proposals from prospective instructors
  • Identify opportunities for additional programming
  • Work with Gallery Manager to present instructor art shows

Writing Program Committees

  • Help identify authors to feature in the Manzanita Writers’ Series
  • Work on the North Coast Squid literary magazine
  • Help manage the Word & Image project, including graphic design for the broadsides and book
  • Help put on workshops and special events like PoetryFest and the Manzanita Writers Retreat