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  Photographs by Trav Williams – Broken Banjo Photography

Founded in 2006, the Hoffman Clay Studio is a community space for people to practice and enjoy the art of ceramics.  Our mission is to provide a unique and affordable environment for potters to work and share the creative experience with other potters.

The studio is equipped with:

  • five electric wheels
  • two large slab rollers
  • three rooms and a canvas worktable for hand-building
  • wall-mounted extruder with dies
  • glaze room
  • two electric kilns, mid-range (Cone 6-Cone 10)
  • wide variety of tools and materials

Reservations are required for all studio passes and may be made up to an hour before the start of each session. All participants must be 18 years or older. 

Passes are available for experienced potters, over the age of 18 years, to work independently in the studio. More information here.

Day passes are available for use during our hosted hours two days and one evening each week. Find more information here.

The clay program also offers classes from time to time.


We offer classes for beginners and advanced clay artists, over the age of 18, throughout the year. There are always fun things happening! We encourage you to check out our upcoming classes and other events on our monthly calendar to see what we’ve got planned.

Here are some of the artists who have taught our workshops:
James De Rosso
Mark Cavatorta
Diana Crane
Richey Bellinger
Barbara Temple-Ayres
Sara Swink
Kristy Lombard (pictured)
Kathleen Kanas
Donna Miller
Tara Spires-Bell
Joe Robinson
Stephanie Burton
Roberta Lampert
Kopali Serna
Janice Gaines-Ehlen

Kiln Services

Kiln firing services are available for ceramicists creating works at home or in the studio. Firing prices are based on size and kiln space. For more information about firing requirements, contact the studio at [email protected]. Drop off and pick up times are:

Tuesdays and Saturdays | 10:00am–1:00pm
Thursdays | 5:00–8:00pm