Countless days I have stood on sacred ground
Watching the rhythm of a low tide bay
My feet are firmly grounded in the sand
I can feel the softness beneath me
Swallowed by the world with boundless
Blue water

Countless days I have planted blue lavender
Watching it grow in a generous garden
My feet are firmly planted in the soil
I can feel the softness beneath me
Looking up to a world with a broad
Blue sky

Days and nights boldly go by
Steadfast, effortless, eternal
Periodic sunshine blinds my blue eyes
Tangled, opaque, perception
Closing my eyes emerges shades of benevolent blue
Encompassing my world
Blue water, blue sky, blue eyes


k.d.e. was born in Newport, Oregon and raised in the Willamette Valley. She’s a part-time resident of Netarts.