Deep Abyss–Valerie Bohnke

One night I left my body
I open my mouth, no sound
An aura of wondernment,
Of curiosity escape
My thoughts.
From far desolate
Corners of my soul.
I remember you
Entering my mind,
Emerging from an abyss,
Of eternal bliss in darkness,
Nowhere to hang onto,
My hands slide,
I am bound to you,
Unending debt to your touch,
To your song, playing
I have fallen
Into flames
Please let me go
Let me emerge into the sky
Into the heavens
Angels save me
From this abyss of
I feel feathers of an
Angel wing
I slowly emerge
Memories pulsate through me
As I ascend thru each cloud
I fall asleep once more
I see your face emerge from my
I feel you emerge from my


Valerie Bohnke was born and raised in TIllamook Oregon, and for forty-four years has loved living on the Oregon Coast. She has written poetry since she was fifteen years old. A single mom with two children ages 17 and 21, she works full time and is pursuing a Natural Resources degree with a minor in Human Dimensions.