Workplace Matching

Many companies encourage their employees and retirees to give to and volunteer time to nonprofits in their communities and may also match those efforts with dollars.

Every company is different, so check with your employer’s Human Resources department.

Some may manage these donations through a third party, and the nonprofit (the Hoffman Center for the Arts) typically will need to go through a registration process with the company.

Workplace giving programs can be set up in a variety of ways. A couple of the more popular workplace giving programs offered by corporations are:

  • Employee Matching Gifts—Employer matches a portion or the full amount that you donate to the particular nonprofit.
  • Volunteer Support Programs—Employer donates a certain amount for the number of hours you volunteer, for example, an amount per hour worked, or a stipend of some set amount if a minimum of volunteer hours is met.

In addition, some corporations limit the donations to certain support goals, or the specific geography the company considers their marketplace. You will likely need to complete forms with proof of your donations and to attest to your volunteer hours.


First check with your Human Resources department to determine whether your corporation matches either donations or volunteer effort, and the steps needed to register the Hoffman and process your information.

Contact [email protected] for help to complete the registration.