Frozen Waterfall–Joe Barrett

Ice cold footsteps
Crunch underfoot
Cracking like crisp candy canes

Steam fogs these glasses
As we all exhale from heated lungs

The trees smell pungent
Green pine dust fills our nostrils

A creek rages beside the trail
Bubbles gurgling
Churlish burglary of thought

Let go into a blue frosted sky
Don’t ask why
Just keep climbing ever colder, bolder

Up over yonder horizon the gales
Of water solidified in crowns
Stacked on top of each other
Perfectly placed crystals

A frigid stupa glistens
With the sound of sunshine

Reminds me that all the time
things climb
Out of the rock hard tundra
To enrapture and capture imagination



Three generations of Joe Barrett’s family call Oregon home.  Growing up in Eugene, he gathered memories of the Dunes, the Sea Lion Caves, Lincoln City, the Seaside Turnaround, and the Peter Iredale.  Now living in the High Desert, he and his family always return to the ocean for renewal.