HCA Needs Office Assistant


Dear Community,

Our office contractor Jill Thurston is leaving us at the end of July.  Jill has truly been a delight to work with and we will really miss her.

We need to find a replacement! Enclosed is the HCA contractor description. Jill currently works 4-6 hours weekly. On occasion she works more depending on what is happening at the Hoffman.

This is a fun gig for someone who enjoys working with a variety of people, would be capable of close coordination with our offsite administrative contractor, and would like to support the efforts of a not-for-profit arts organization.

Please note- Jill works about 4-6 hours weekly for the North County Food Bank and 1-2 hours weekly for the North County Library Friends. Thus, a person interested in this contractor role could pick up all three organizations for a total of about 9-14 hours weekly. In the case of the Food Bank and Library Friends, this person also makes Quickbooks entries. We are coordinating together to find a replacement for Jill.

Click here to review job description.

Will you please think about who might be capable and interested?  Maybe you or someone you know? We are eager to identify that person and give them a chance to cross train with Jill. Interested parties who meet the requirements are invited to send their resume and interest to [email protected]

Thank you for helping,

Mary Roberts
Board Chair
Hoffman Center for the Arts