Hues of You–Jennie Hoff

blue, azul…yes you
tinting the sky; shading night
rinsing off my gloom
(named after you, what a slight!)
with waves of sea spray

thank you for your hues
that color my favorite sights
brightening my rooms
and washing away all grey
with strokes of brilliance

never fade away
and do not go gently in…
…to that navy night 😉
fortify your resilience
with electric you

goodnight sweet midnight
until I wake to a bright cerulean blue!


Jennie Hoff discovered the Oregon Coast in May of 2020, fell in love with the area, and moved here from Denver by June! She and her spouse love the welcoming people, the deep culture, the verdant beauty, and the Pacific Coast. What a wonderful discovery they made while exploring during that hard time!