Leave the Blue Where It Belongs–Dani Brazzle


Standing on top of Neahkahnie Mountain, blue is the color of the great Pacific Ocean that I admire from above, as it touches the rim of the small coastal town of Manzanita.

Blue is the color that becomes white as the ocean waves crash against the cliffside.

Within a few minutes time, I can watch how the blue transforms to translucent as the cold, crisp water washes over my toes. It’s serendipitous to look up and see blue kites flying in a mild breeze.

As the day transpires into the night, I long to awaken in the morning to visit the mighty blue ocean once again.

I dream that the morning will deliver the ocean blue water covered by a big blue sky with white wispy clouds.

I will watch in awe how the hues of blue compete for my attention.

The night is long, but I continue to dream about the fighting blue brilliance between the sky and the ocean.

Upon wakening, I discover there is another blue that exists…but this time, it is found within me.

I feel blue, as I contemplate when I can return for a visit.

I know I must spend my last day admiring the blue sky and blue water by etching the magnificent scene into my heart, into my mind, and into my soul.

I must do my very best to leave the blue where it belongs…for others to admire… as they stand on top of Neahkahnie Mountain… observing how the great blue Pacific Ocean competes for their attention with the great blue sky above.


Dani Brazzle was originally a visitor but is now a full-time resident of the North Oregon Coast. She is also a full pass holder of the Clay Studio at the Hoffman Center of the Arts.