Letter from the ED

Dear friends,

Happy New Year!

First, I wanted to thank you so much for helping us wildly exceed our year-end fundraising goals! I am so grateful for this community and humbled by your unwavering support for arts, culture, and education. We have lots planned to celebrate this year of our 20th anniversary, which I look forward to sharing more about soon.

For me, January is an inspiring month. Not because of resolutions, or promised new habits, but through the symbolism of a new year. I like the reminder that there are always opportunities to start anew and to connect with the freshness of beginnings. This is meaningful to me as the director because I know that community isn’t something that can be achieved and then checked off—we need to adapt, tinker, anticipate, make and remake, make new.

In this spirit, I wanted to share our revised mission and vision statements. One of the outcomes of our strategic planning in 2023 was to tighten these core expressions and to recommit to them and their purpose:

We envision a vibrant, engaged community in which the arts are integrated into the lives of residents and visitors alike, and

Hoffman Center for the Arts provides opportunities for artistic and cultural access, education, exploration, and collaboration.

Finally, if you have not had the opportunity to see the community show in the gallery, I highly recommend you stop by. With over 100 local artists, ages 6-80+, it is truly a sight to behold. The show runs through January 27th and the hours are Thursdays-Sunday from 12-4 pm.

With gratitude,

India Downes-Le Guin
Executive Director