We Love Our Business Supporters

Thank you Living Room Realty!

In late 2018, Living Room Realty in Manzanita named the Hoffman Center for the Arts its Loving Room Fund recipient. The designation was a three-year commitment for the company, and they have been donating every quarter this year.

“These contributions make such a meaningful difference to us here in our small town,” said Hoffman Center Board President Mary Roberts. “They show a strong level of commitment and support that benefits the whole  community.”

We particularly thank the local agents who chose us for the program – Darcey Kline, Dave Leach, Tosha Reinmiller, and Hans Tonjes.





The Living Room Fund is a corporate program of the company, which has offices in Portland, Manzanita and Vancouver, Wash. Living Room Realty agents donate a percentage of each commission to a local non-profit.