Racy Red Ridge–Kelly Jacobsen


Silky smooth
Slipping slowly
Covertly covering

Scar tissue hot red
On delicate alabaster skin
blood against snow

Fiery crimson lingerie
Definitely deceptive
Rough ridges rise
Revealing the ruse

No longer perfect
No longer ideal
No longer admired

Damaged, defeated, deflated
Wondering woefully
Where was the beauty
Where did it go

Tacitly turning toward
the menacing mirror
sunlight strikes the reflection
prisms present precise angles

Colors, crisp and controlled
Rapidly reveal gorgeous lines
Stunning arrays of awe

Otherworldly intensity inside
The glimmering glass
Heat radiates through her

Feelings of fiery passion
Scarlet strength returns
Remembering a racy rendezvous

Gone but not forgotten
Burning in her belly
Warrior woman remains
Ready to hunt again


Kelly Jacobsen is a teacher and growing writer. She is motivated by the beauty of the Columbia River and inspired by the song of the sea lions. She can be found most days wandering aimlessly in Alderbrook pensively pondering her good fortune.