Radiate Light–Barbara S. Stott

The Golden Light sends rainbows through my room,
kissing me goodnight as it slowly lowers itself
into the cool, blue waters of the wild Pacific.
Pulling its earth blanket tenderly around it,
It croons a soft lullaby.
Goodnight, Sweet Sun. I send my prayers
that you rest well and prepare for
another day to shine your Light,
just as I am called to emerge and shine.
We bless the world with our radiance.



Barbara S. Stott’s lifelong journey has inspired others through her book Swimming Lessons, and in her teaching, tarot readings, and shamanic sandtray journeying. Her desk has an ocean view in Lincoln City, and this sea muse inspires her joie de vivre for north coast exploration. Photo: www.terrydorvinenphotography.com