To Be Like a Tree–Barbara Stott

Beautiful and graceful,

she sways in the morning breeze,
her crown reaching to the blue heavens,

blessed in the warmth of the sun,
her roots deep in the Great Mother,

held and supported by the rich earth.
Her trunk solid,

she is a silent sentinel,

holding the space for All That Is,
witness to the coming and going,

guardian of all that remains from ancient creation.
New growth brings expansion,

branches and cones,
needles and leaves shedding

when they are to be released.
She holds great wisdom,

the circles in her core,

testament to all that she has seen.


Barbara S. Stott’s lifelong journey of writing and growth has inspired others through her book Swimming Lessons, and in her teaching, tarot readings, and shamanic sandtray journeying.  Her desk has an ocean view in Lincoln City, and this sea muse inspires her joie de vivre for north coast exploration.