Zenker-Greening Joins Hoffman Board

Toni Zenker-Greening, a resident of Manzanita, has joined the board of the Hoffman Center for the Arts in Manzanita.

Zenker-Greening says her passion for the visual arts accelerated when she retired after 35 years in financial and general management, and began her involvement with the Hoffman Center. She and her colleagues on the Visual Arts Committee have dedicated themselves to raising the Center’s visual arts profile on the Oregon Coast by increasing the quantity, quality, and diversity of visual arts programs and workshops.

Zenker-Greening’s management career spanned a range of for-profit and nonprofit organizations, including serving as CEO of Portland’s Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital, chief administrative officer of law firms in Oregon and California, and president of the International Association of Legal Management.

Her civic engagement included board memberships on the City Club of Portland and the Reed College Women’s Committee. She was also a founding board member of Columbia Riverkeeper.

“I see the Hoffman Center as a magnet for artists seeking a home where they create, inspire, and build a community with art as its foundation,” said Zenker-Greening. “It can breathe cultural and economic life beyond our three villages. It is an open door to possibility for all of us who seek more than a place.”