Art of Horticulture

Advanced Pruning Workshop
Maryann Lewis, instructor
Saturday, Oct 14, 2023  9:00 am-4:00pm
Admission: $100


Advanced Pruning Workshop

An elegantly pruned small tree is a heady sight, its muscular arms bearing layers of foliage, its shape in synch with its surroundings. Such a tree betrays scant sign of human interference. Oh, to be a tree so lovingly pruned!

The invisible hand of the gardener is precisely what Aesthetic Pruning is all about, an approach that combines horticultural know-how with principals of art and design.

We’re thrilled to have back our much-adored pruning instructor, Maryann Lewis, who is offering twelve lucky students a chance to spend the entire day in this Aesthetic Pruning intensive.

We’ll spend the morning with Ms Lewis at a well-tended private garden in Manzanita, where she’ll tackle a few handsome and healthy specimens that have grown out of scale with the rest of the garden.

She’ll take us through her reasoning and decision-making step by step as she plans for the tree’s future and makes decisive cuts.

The afternoon is a hands-on class as we take matters into our own hands. Under our instructor’s watchful eye, we’ll transform a variety of trees in the Hoffman Wonder Garden that are, again, handsome and healthy, but whose current haphazard profiles add little to the aesthetics of the garden.

 This day-long workshop is a fabulous opportunity for gardeners skilled in the mechanics of pruning to take their know-how and love of plants to an entirely different level. Join us!

 About our instructor: Maryann Lewis is truly a master of Aesthetic Pruning. She began her own business in 2005 and later co-founded the Aesthetic Pruners Association.

Much like a sculptor who imagines a figure breaking free from stone, Ms. Lewis reads a plant’s inherent structure and works to release its form. Her tools are not merely pruners but light, shadow, space and time.

Ms Lewis lives with her family in Portland, OR.  Visit her website here