Visual Arts Workshop

An Introduction to the Elements of Visual Design
with Ben Rosenberg
Wednesdays | 1:00-4:00pm
April 19 | April 26
May 3 | May 10 | May 17 | May 24
Tuition: $290 (includes all materials)


Introduction to the Elements of Visual Design

What do we mean by The Elements of Visual Design?

Let’s go on a creative journey exploring line, shape, value, form, negative/positive space, color, texture, and balance. We will learn why these elements are important principles in visual communication. This will be an engaging art class that will help you develop a design vocabulary and introduce you to the skills necessary to make design decisions from an informed perspective.
With this knowledge you will increase your ability to express your artistic ideas.

Count on a hands-on, participatory class where you will work on paper through drawing, painting, and collage. We will develop knowledge of compositional strategies for various project goals: unity, variety, rhythm, harmony, tension, gravity, and more. We will learn to use and control negative space. We will develop an understanding of the color wheel and common color schemes in design.

Experimentation is essential! Art is a philosophical enterprise that seeks questions as often as it provides answers. We will introduce historical notions of form and content regarding the picture plane, vision and visuality, and the role of the artist. Being able to think about and discuss your work critically is an absolute necessity; this will become easier with practice. Group discussion will build a dialog within the class and help to create skills for talking about art.


Come as you are, with a desire to explore!
No art background necessary. All materials will be supplied.

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