Art of Aging | Art of Dying

The Green Reaper — Green Burials
with Elizabeth Fournier
Donation $5
Wednesday, November 18 | 3:00pm PST
Via Zoom | Zoom link will be sent morning of workshop


“Greening” Your End-of-Life Options Zoom Workshop

Elizabeth Fournier, green mortician and eco-educator, will discuss home funerals and natural burials in a Zoom workshop presented by the Hoffman Center’s Art of Aging/Art of Dying program. The event takes place Wednesday, November 18, 3-5 pm.

Fournier, also known as the “Green Reaper,” is the author of The Green Burial Guidebook and funeral director at Cornerstone Funeral Services in Boring, OR. She also hosts a weekly radio show on KKPZ (1330 AM) in Portland called “Until We Meet Again,” where she addresses a wide range of topics related to death.

End-of-life planning is something many procrastinate about, yet it’s important to consider in advance and make sure your wishes are known, especially if you have concerns about how your death will impact the environment.

In this workshop, Fournier will discuss what a green burial entails, its cultural implications and potential challenges based on geography.

She will talk about:
Understanding the history of the American burial
Learning regulations and current practices of green burial
Adding green elements to funeral and burial choices
Comprehending updated forms of disposition in Oregon

There also will be opportunity for participants to ask questions.

Click for additional information about Elizabeth Fournier and her work