The Potters’ Nook
Clay Works by Barry Calvarese
Open same hours as Hoffman Gallery
Hoffman Center for the Arts | Clay Studio


September Potters’ Nook Show 

Welcome to the Potters’ Nook featuring ceramic artists associated with the Hoffman Clay Studio.
Located inside the Hoffman Gallery, these ceramic works are offered for immediate purchase.

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Featuring works by Barry Calvarese

I don’t set out to produce art about one subject or another. My work tends to focus on the environment with an organic and at times industrial message. Some of my subject matter is about people’s daily lives, beliefs, routines and a comment on human nature. Weathered pieces of wood and old stones covered in beautiful moss remind me of the power of nature. The unknown aspect of firing atmospherically really excites me. Whether in an underground pit, soda kiln or week long wood firing, I work with the flame to decorate my pots. Through each encaustic painting, I bring the viewer into an organic sky, landscape, or imaginative fantasy unlike any other. I like to think that the luminous, textural paintings reach out and draw the viewer in. It’s the kind of painting you want to touch.

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience, but I’ve always been influenced by the work of Gerhard Richter, Robert Arneson and Toshiko Takaezu. The artists I most admire are Richard Diebenkorn, Bay Area figurative artists Elmer Bischoff and Joan Brown and the rustic Japanese Shigaraki ceramic style. Barry received his BA in Psychology from UCLA in 1975 and an MS in Epidemiology from UCLA in 1980. His ceramic art career began in 1968 as a freshman at Mt. Whitney high school in Visalia California where won several awards for his innovative work and as a member of the Tulare County art association. He works in clay, encaustic, clay mono-printing and multimedia.  He worked for ten years out of the Tortuga studio in Sebastapol California learning salt and wood firing techniques from bay area ceramic artist Diana Crain.