Visual Arts Lecture

The Interplay of Elements with Elise Wagner
August 18 | 1:00-2:30pm
Tuition $15

Hoffman Center for the Arts | 594 Laneda Avenue | Manzanita


The Interplay of Elements

Join August Hoffman Art Gallery artist Elise Wagner as she presents a talk that will delve into the captivating world of her artwork, which seamlessly merges the realms of oil and encaustic painting with the intricacies of printmaking. She will share the inspirations behind her creations, inviting the audience to explore the rich interplay of elements within her pieces. By showcasing the integration of different mediums and their harmonious coexistence, Elise will unveil the profound connections between her artistic vision and the diverse sources of inspiration that fuel her creative process. Through her talk, she aims to illuminate the captivating interplay that exists between mediums, inspirations, and her artistic expression.

Learn more about Elise Wagner here

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  •  August 18, 2024
     1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
August 18–Lecture: The Interplay of Elements


594 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, Oregon, 97130, United States


Situated on the main street in Manzanita just a few blocks west of Highway 101, the Hoffman Center is located across the street from the North Tillamook Library.