Connect with Creativity in Manzanita

For those of us who are lucky enough to live here, we know you couldn’t find a better setting than Manzanita to connect with your creative self. Considered a retreat for artists and writers from its earliest days, the landscape provides a magical place for exploration and inspiration, with its seven-mile beach, Neahkanie Mountain, and nearby parks. Located in the village, visit the Hoffman Center for the Arts to create, connect, and explore artistic pursuits.



Discover community-supported arts and culture.

Whether it’s an art show, sharing resources and perspectives or much, much more, there’s always something new to explore. Discover your inner artist or the writer you’ve always dreamed of being. Whatever your desire, come create some magic. Become a part of a vital, thriving arts and cultural community and connect with others who share your interests.

Possibility awaits you at the Hoffman Center for the Arts.


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